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Best All Natural Plant Food

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Antioxidants have been known to neutralize or mitigate the harmful effects of stressors on our bodies and plants. Just like humans, it's a vital piece of a plant's nutrition. Our Power line is comprised of antioxidants that do just that. They help your plants fight drought, excess heat and even biotic stresses such as pests and diseases, while also promoting growth by increasing nutrient uptake. By simply applying our Power product to your flowers, plants, or gardens you can increase the longevity and see overall healthier plants.

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Phosphorus is crucial for plant growth and is found in every living plant cell. They use it for photosynthesis and energy storage among various other functions. If plants are unable to get enough phosphorus their growth can be stunted, their leaves could turn color, and their overall ability to produce seeds, flowers, and fruits are diminished. Our Fuel line is comprised of beneficial bacteria that promote increased root development, improved flowering, and consistent growth, by enhancing the uptake of phosphorus along with other nutrients within the soil.

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Nitrogen can be classified as the most essential nutrient for plants. It plays an important role in various processes, which ultimately promotes green leafy growth. Without enough nitrogen plants have slowed growth and begin to lose their dark green color. Our GaiN line is a biological made of two bacteria that live within the plant. One lives in the leaves and converts atmospheric nitrogen to feed the plant, and the other lives in the roots to help with the uptake of phosphorus. The air we breathe is almost 80% nitrogen. Capturing this naturally allows for a decreased use in harmful additives.

Get To Know Our Products

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Our products do not contain any harsh chemicals.  


Our people and pets are pretty important to us too. 


Each product is produced naturally to supplement plant growth, as nature intended. 

Why We Call Our Products All Natural Plant Food 

Did you know that most synthetic plant fertilizers contain mostly filler ingredients? Most are also formulated with harsh chemicals and have negative effects on the environment. At BugHut, we never use fillers, GMOs, or any other substances that could harm you, your pets, or the planet. Although our products do not contain any primary plant nutrients (N-P-K), they are still able to provide your plants with the best all natural plant food they need for long lasting flowers. Did you know that when you fertilize your plants, they are only absorbing around 30% of the nutrients you provide? The beneficial bacteria in our products allow your plants to gain access to excess nutrients that become tied up in the soil and from the air we breathe, which is why we like to think of our products as the best all natural plant food. At BugHut we provide sustainable, mess-free, and easy-to-use products – just shake, squeeze, pour, and water for long lasting flowers. No green thumb required!

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At BugHut, we’re conscious of the environmental impact of our products, and we realize that traditional fertilizers can be harmful to the environment. So, we take special care to craft products with little to no negative environmental impact that are not just eco-friendly but safe for you, your family, and your pets too. Every one of our products is formulated without GMOs, made just like nature intended, and is non-pathogenic, meaning it’s incapable of causing disease. On top of that, everything is made right here in the USA!

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