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Benefits of Natural Flower Food

At BugHut, we take the time to formulate unique, eco-friendly natural plant food products because we care about you, your family, and the planet. We give you a sustainable way to not only grow your plants but help them thrive and live long, happy, healthy lives. Our lineup of products includes both antioxidants and biostimulants to supplement plant growth just as nature intended. They are the supplements plants need and are formulated without harsh chemicals, making them good for the environment and safe for your family and pets. At BugHut, we want to give you the peace of mind that you’ve not only made a sustainable and safe purchase but a purchase that will work.

It's As Easy As

How Our Natural Flower Food Works

BugHut’s unique natural flower food is comprised of powerful ingredients that help your plants get the food they need to grow and thrive. Our plant food for flowers help extend plant life by fighting off common stressors, increase phosphorus efficiency to increase root development and improve flowering, and provide a natural nitrogen source from the air we breathe. Our natural flower food is great for experienced gardeners and gardening for beginners as well!


Our Power line helps your plants fight through drought, excess heat, and biotic stress so you can have healthier plants all season long!


Our Fuel line promotes growth and helps your plants establish their roots, and better absorb nutrients naturally found in soil. The increased phosphorus uptake also increases your plant’s ability to produce seeds, flowers, fruit and keep their color. 


Our GaiN line allows the plant to capture the nitrogen that is in the air and converts it to the usable form to feed the plant. Nitrogen is an essential nutrient for plants and will encourage green leafy growth.

With our natural flower food, your garden will flourish like never before! Gardening for beginners has never been so easy!


Step1: Shake your BugHut bottle to ensure all living organisms that tend to settle at the bottom are mixed in well.


Step 2: Squeeze the bottle to measure the specified amount of product.


Step 3: Pour into your watering can.


Step 4: Water plants as normal and repeat weekly for best results.

Why BugHut

A sustainable method to grow your plants. We produce biological products in pharmaceutical and food grade facilities. All of our products are scientifically proven and data driven. They are made up of specific organisms that allow your plants to uptake the nutrients that are already in the soil. Our lineup consists of biostimulants and antioxidants to supplement plant growth, just as nature intended. Every product is non-GMO, non-pathogenic, people and pet safe, and made right here in the USA.  

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Day 1- flower pot_edited.jpg


Plant purchased from the local grocery store. Applied Flower Power.


DAY 11 

Watered as normal and applied Flower Power weekly. 

day 124.jpg

DAY 124

Experienced excess heat and periods of drought all summer long. Weekly applications of Flower Power helped the plant defend against common stressors and thrive the entire growing season. 


FALL MINI (49)_edited.jpg

abouT us

A family on a mission to bring safe and sustainable products to the everyday consumer. There is nothing worse than investing in plants that won't survive more than a few weeks. Our products are here to avoid just that, no green thumb required! 


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